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Student Scholarships,
Kyebanda, Uganda

Every year Innovations Housing provides full-ride scholarships for about 200 low-income students to attend primary school in Uganda.

Redding, California, USA

Innovations Housing constructed a public parklet in downtown Redding. The parklet was designed by architect Ryan Russell and includes a bicycle repair stand, bicycle rack, benches and landscaping.

Fair Trade,
Nairobi, Kenya

Every year Innovations Housing buys coffee beans direct from low-income farmers in Kenya for it’s coffee bar in downtown Redding.

Leadership Redding,
Redding, California, USA

Every year Innovations Housing underwrites the Leadership Redding program of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation.

Affordable Homes,
City of Shasta Lake, California, USA

Innovations Housing partnered with Habitat for Humanity Shasta Cascade to construct two affordable homes in the City of Shasta Lake.

Mixed-Use Building,
Redding, California, USA

Innovations Housing built a mixed-use building on an in-fill lot in downtown Redding. The building was designed by architect Terry Topolski and includes two affordable apartments, a coffee bar and an office for Innovations Housing.

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Resource Centres,
Nairobi, Kenya

Innovations Housing, in partnership with the STARS Foundation, Architecture for Humanity and the Good Earth Trust constructed two SIDAREC community centres in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, using an appropriate technology. SIDAREC, or Slums Information Development and Resource Centres, is an acclaimed nongovernmental organization that provides social services to slum communities.

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Brick-Making, East Africa

Innovations Housing is partnering with low-income entrepreneurs to establish social enterprises in East Africa. Innovations Housing provides the business model, start-up capital and training. The entrepreneurs are now making and selling interlocking stabilized soil bricks - an appropriate and sustainable technology. The bricks are being used to build homes, businesses, schools, etc.

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Museum, Redding, California, USA

Innovations Housing partnered with the Richard B. Eaton Trust to renovate the historic residence into a museum.

Parkview Neighborhood Affordable Homes, Redding, California, USA

Innovations Housing built four affordable homes in Redding's Parkview Neighborhood. The homes were designed by architect Terry Topolski following New Urbanism principles.

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Clover Creek Preserve Caretaker's Cottage, Redding, California, USA

Innovations Housing rebuilt and manages the Caretaker's Cottage at Redding's 128-acre Clover Creek Preserve. Low-income people rent the cottage at an affordable rate and perform caretaker duties at...

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About Us

Innovations Housing is a California nonprofit corporation with exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The organization's charitable purpose is to protect and foster natural and human habitats for living, working and playing, with a special focus on the needs of the economically disadvantaged.